Creating a banana circle

The banana circle is a garden structure that has come out of the Permaculture movement and can be installed in any climate where bananas will grow.....

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  • holzer-s-permacultuur-nl

    Holzer's Permacultuur - NL

    Dutch version of Sepp Holzer's Permaculture book
    €26,26 Price includes VAT
  • de-eetbare-tuin

    De eetbare tuin

    Dutch version of the edible garden by Alys Fowler
    €29,68 Price includes VAT
  • jelle-s-makkelijke-moestuin

    Jelle's Makkelijke Moestuin

    Saskia Naber - Dutch gardening book for youth
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  • gaia-s-garden

    Gaia's Garden

    A guide to home-scale permaculture by Toby Hememway
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